The Fastest Drag Cars In The World

There are many fast cars in drag racing but rocket cars are the fastest quarter mile cars in drag racing. Fuels like Hydrogen Peroxide, steam or superheated water, power these cars.  Sammy Miller did the best record set by a rocket car on the quarter mile tracks. He did so in 3.58 seconds at a speed of 386mph in 2002, making it the quickest time. Although rocket cars are known to be the quickest, they are not popular in the drag race tracks and are mostly exhibition vehicles, or they are used when carrying out experiments.

Since the rocket, cars no longer compete in drag racing; this leaves the top fuel dragster as the fastest drag cars in the world. These cars cover the quarter mile racetrack in 4.42 seconds and at 336mph making it the best record to be set in the drag race. The drag drive racer Tony Schumacher is the one that set this record. The cars use Bio-ethanol as a fuel and can burn up to 15gallons of this fuel in one race. They have 7000 horsepower with very good accelerating ability.

The funny car comes in second in this category covering the distance in 4.65 seconds and at 333mph. The cars’ body resembles a production-based automobile. These cars are powered by super charged and fuel -injected 500-inch engines the same that power the top fuel dragsters. The cars transmit power to the multistage clutch through their huge Goodyear rear slicks.

Although jet powered cars and trucks are fast, only the cars compete in drag races.  Jet powered dragsters are also relatively fast but not as fast as the top fuel dragsters. These dragsters cover the quarter mile trucks at 330mph in less than five seconds. A jet semi- truck does a drag race in 7.42 seconds at 218mph.


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